Ideas For Floating Candle Centerpieces

Floating candle centerpieces can be created in as many variations as there is imagination. They can be created for fun and informal events as well as formal wedding receptions and other occasions. Floating candle centerpieces can be devoid of much color or they can use a multitude of colors and shapes. There are many different floating candle bowls and other simple centerpiece ideas that can be created by individuals. The internet is a great place to get ideas for these centerpieces since many are easy to recreate, only requiring materials from a craft store and the floating candles to make them.

Suggestions For A Floating Candle Centerpiece

Floating candle centerpieces should be created around the theme of the party or occasion. Usually the more simple the centerpiece the better so that the color or the theme of the occasion stands out for all to see. For instance, if the occasion is a golfing event, the candle holder can be a tall glass container which is filled with water and has a golf ball suspended in it with the golf tee. Under the vase, there is a simple mat of faux turf and the top of the vase has the floating candle.

Another simple idea for a floating candle centerpiece is to buy simple fish bowls in the desired shape. The fish bowl can be filled with colored rocks, shells or glass pieces according to the colors of the event. Flowers, either real or plastic, can be placed along the top of the water where they can float along with the candles. In this way, the candles will create a glowing effect in the water, with the color of the rocks, shells or glass pieces making the water glow that color and the flowers being lit in soft light, magnifying their beauty.

Another tip to creating a floating candle centerpiece is to use glass bubbles in the water to create a fairy-like look to the water beneath the candle and also adding more sparkle to the entire centerpiece. In order to use candles that are not as prone to floating in the water among the candles, such as roses, there are floating glass holders that can be used to contain the flowers with a little water to keep them alive, and also allow them to float on top of the water amongst the candles. It is usually better to use smaller containers for floating candle centerpieces since fewer materials will have to be used to fill the container with the candle. In addition, the smaller containers can be placed together and in patterns so that a larger centerpiece of floating candles can be created out of the smaller ones.